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"10 Country": A marriage lasts a lifetime

June 30, 2005

Turner County - A Southwest Georgia couple decided that July 4th wasn't a day to celebrate their independence, but to celebrate their special union that happened three-quarters of a century ago. "10 Country" reporter Joe Courson visited with a husband-wife team that leaves many people asking, "How do they do that?"

You could say marriage is somewhat like peeling a rutabaga, cutaway the outside that most people see, and you will get to what really matters in a relationship. William and Hazel Searcy certainly know that, especially when you consider they will soon celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.

"Don't seem like 75 years. More like 50," said Hazel Searcy. Time flies when you are happy together, often coaching each other. "You ain't peeling it deep enough."

They dated for three years in the late 1920s. William said Hazel was the prettiest woman he knew of, and after their long courtship, they decided to form their more perfect union on July 4th, 1930.

"I don't know if we picked it or just did it," said Hazel.

William, aged 20, and Hazel, 19 at the time came to the judge's home to get married. Hazel remembered the ceremony lasted about 30 minutes. And their marriage lasted longer than the house. "Went to church," said Hazel. "But when we got ready to get married, that was it."

They got their church wedding 70 years later when friends and family threw them an anniversary party, complete with their own marriage license. While half of all the marriages these days crack apart and fall to pieces, the Searcy's have found a two-word agreement holds their long marriage together.

"We agree," said William. Just those words, "We Agree" became the glue that has held their marital union together for an unheard of three-quarters of a century. "Been good years," said William.

When America celebrates its freedom on July 4th, The Searcy's will have 75 years of marriage in the bag, and their own perfect union. On Saturday, July 2, William Searcy turns 95, and Hazel turns 94 a few days later on Friday, July 8.

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