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The cost of getting hitched goes up

June 30, 2005

Albany - Friday, the cost of a marriage license in Georgia goes up by $35 to $61, but not if you complete six hours of pre-marital counseling. Lawmakers passed a bill this year that gives counseled couples a $35 discount on their marriage license. It will cost them $26 to tie the knot.

The Georgia Family Council lobbied for the bill saying couples with pre-marital counseling are 50% less likely to get divorced.

"Actually about 10 to 15% of couples who get pre-marital counseling, call off their wedding at least for the time being but maybe forever," said Jamie Self, Georgia Family Council. "I know that sounds very negative, but it's better to call off an engagement than to get into a marriage that wasn't right."

The pre-marital counseling must be performed by a professional counselor, active member of the clergy, social worker, physiatrist, or psychologist.

Around 60,000 couples get married in Georgia each year.

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