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Fireworks sales booming in Florida

June 30, 2005

Jennings, Florida - Since most fireworks are illegal in Georgia, people are crossing the border into Florida where there's a wide selection of big boomers.

The line at TNT Fireworks stretches long, and is full of customers from near and from far.

"I drove about 75 miles from Homerville," said Will Joyce.

"We've had customers from Tifton, Albany, Moultrie, Macon, Orlando, and even Miami," said Store Manager Mike Pittman.

They've all traveled the distance for one thing, fireworks. "I'm buying sparklers and some little bottle top spins," said Terri Anderson.

"We're looking mainly for bottle rockets, any kind of whistlers, some roman candles," said Will Joyce.

Since sparklers are now legal in Georgia, those sales have dropped a little here. But people are still flocking to the Florida line for the big boomers. "It hurt a little bit, but people that really want the fireworks, they're going to come here and get the aerial show," said Pittman.

"I drove down because I want something that's going to make the loud boom, I don't want the little showers of sparks like I can get in Georgia," said Joyce.

The fourth just isn't the same without them, and these customers are willing to pay big prices for their favorites. "I probably have about $100 worth in here," said Anderson.

But no matter how much you spend or how far you've traveled, its important to follow your state's laws and be cautious with all fireworks, to make this fourth of July holiday a safe one.


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