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Catching sharks common on gulf beaches

June 29, 2005

Panama City Beach- People on Panama City beaches are staying close to the shore after recent shark attacks on the Gulf Coast.

Shark attacks are rare, but catching sharks is more common. Austin Crosby, 8, and his dad Sean Wood caught a small shark on Cape San blas on spring break.

"I ran and I grabbed the fishing pole and I barely could pull it," Crosby said.

This one was nothing compared to the shark they pulled onto shore a couple days later. "He was 5'71/2" long, weighed like 77 pounds," Wood said.

They saw others catch sharks off the shore bigger than this one.

"One guy caught one that was 6'9" long, weighed a 148 pounds," Wood said.

Cape San Blas is the same place 16-year-old Craig Hutto of Tennessee was bitten by a shark as he was fishing in shallow waters Monday. His leg later had to be amputated. That was two days after 14-year-old Jamie Marie Daigle of Louisiana was attacked and killed by what was likely a bull shark Saturday morning in Destin.

"That is their territory and we are invading it. We need to be careful there."

To some, that means staying out of the water altogether.

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