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Learn to communicate with your baby

June 29, 2005

Albany - Communicating with babies, before they can talk, can be frustrating for parents. Darton College is offering a baby sign language class that can help you and your little one communicate better.

Baby signing is based on the latest child development research and old-fashioned common sense about how babies communicate. You don't have to know formal sign language to take the three week class.

"This baby is thinking things and wants things," said Jeanne Sexson, Baby Sign Instructor. "We're going to be able to work with her so she can tell mom or grandmother I hurt, I'm hungry, I thirsty, I'm hot, I want my toy, I want my doll."

The Baby sign class is July 11th, 18th and 25th at 6:30PM. It's $30 per child. To reserve a spot, call Darton College's Continuing Education Division at (229) 430-6730.

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