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Truancy program getting students in school

June 28, 2005

Albany -- An Albany church is working with the School System, and Juvenile Court to cut down on Truancy.

Students skipping school is a growing problem in Dougherty County. So community leaders are working together to get kids back on the right track.

Tuesday students who have been part of the summer truancy program through the Greater Second Mount Olive Baptist Church were honored. Eleven students today got a limousine ride, and a lunch as reward for their participation in the program.

Most of these kids were referred to the truancy program by the juvenile court, because they were skipping school . Shebreka Jackson said "I used to get in trouble, but now I'm learning more about my behavior. Less trouble, not getting into it, staying to myself."

Christopher Dyson said "Since I been here, and going to school, my grades are way up, doing a lot better."

The students targeted by this truancy program are from 11 to 15 years old.

 Truant officers say parents are the biggest cause of truancy in Albany, and remind parents that they can be prosecuted if their kids don't attend school.

Parents could be fined 100 dollars or sentenced to 30 days in jail for truancy.









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