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Turner receives $4.9 million check from lottery

June 28, 2005

Americus- It's not often that the president of the Georgia lottery makes a special trip to South Georgia, but then again it's not every day that a small town convenience store sells two multi-million dollar lottery tickets in less than a decade.

"It's exciting, but I don't think it's hit either one of us yet, and beside's I haven't got the check. Not the real one," says Terrell Turner.

Seventy-one year old Terrell Turner hit the $9 million Lotto South jackpot on the 18th. The cash option will still net he and his wife Janie more than $4.9 million.

"It's like a wish you say in fantasy, 'oh I'd like to win the lottery,' but you never, ever think it would really happen," says Janie Turner.

"He's well known here, and I think people are just excited that someone they know has won Lotto South," says Georgia Lottery President Margaret DeFrancisco.

Some people are so excited that they've even tried to claim to be related to the retired math professor.

"He said the blood tests are back. I said what are you talking about. He said the blood tests are back and I am your son," laughs Mr. Turner.

"We can't think if anybody more deserving than the Turners to win the lottery," says Courtney Bowers.

The Turners weren't the only big winners. Wayne's World convenience store sold the winning ticket and received a $25,000 retail bonus check. They sold a $12 million Lotto South ticket in 1996, and store owners believe they're on a roll.

"I really think we're going to do it a third time. I have the feeling," says owner Wayne Bowers.

The streak has some people believing Wayne's World is the luckiest store in the state.

"It's not only lucky, it's the best," says Janie Turner.

"The odds of winning are about 1 in 14 million, and Mr. Turner beat the odds," says DeFrancisco.

The owners of Wayne's World also feel like they have beaten the odds. They've already sold four Fantasy Five jackpots and just last night they sold a $2,000 dollar scratch off ticket.

So, the Turner's may be right when they say Wayne's World is the luckiest place in Georgia.

The couple also says they plan to travel and share some of their winnings with their three children and five grandchildren.

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