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Notable park gets improvements

June 28, 2005

Thomasville-- Construction crews are making dozens of improvements to Thomasville's Cherokee Lake recreation area.

"It's some of the most amazing equipment I've ever seen. It's a walking back hoe. They have a weed puller that actually pulls up the Hyacinth and Hydrilla. We're trying to utilize maximum space for maximum recreation," says Thomasville Public Works Development Director, Gwen Ridley. He's describing the maximum equipment crews are using to maximize the potential of Cherokee Lake.

The project is a multi-phase, multi-year plan. "What we're doing now is the first phase, restoring the lake," says Ridley. It's a physically and financially taxing project Thomasville's City Council has fully submerged itself in. "We've got $50,000 dollars allocated this year. They're very interested in recreation," says Ridley.

The restoration is part of the council's emphasis on improving Thomasville's quality of life, a special plan with special orders. "We're also going to build walking trails around the perimeter of the lake, install additional playground equipment, install an additional pavilion," says Ridley.

Just a couple of days ago Cherokee Lake looked more like a field than a body of water. But in that short time, workers have already made it accessible to a wide variety of people. "It was overgrown with vegetation. It was not accessible to boats. The lake was not accessible to the public. It's just going to be more user friendly to more people," says Ridley.

Those people will have to wait about three years to see the finished product. Ridley says the plans for the Cherokee Lake project could change as it progresses. The entire cost is projected to reach about $450,000.


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