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Boy Scouts learn hiking skills

June 28, 2005

Albany-- Two Boy Scouts have disappeared from troop outings in the last few weeks. One boy in Utah was found safe, but a search for a second scout in Yellowstone Park was scaled back Tuesday, as hope fades that he's still alive.

A south Georgia Boy Scout troop leader says despite these two incidents, Boy Scouts are well prepared and taken care of during outings. Mike Johnson, a 20 year leader, says the scouts and leaders use a buddy system, and are never alone.

Scouts are also taught survival skills as they get older and go on more hazardous trips. "Being prepared is the scout motto," said Troop Leader Mike Johnson. "Of course, that's the most important thing to teach them. Being responsible and being with a buddy at all times is extremely important, it doesn't matter if you're out in the woods or visiting a plant and taking a tour."

Johnson says boy scouts also go over safety guidelines before every outings, ranging for how to handle dangerous weather to protecting yourself from wild animals.