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Watermelon Crop doing better

June 27, 2005

Cordele - "We just do a visual inspection. We dig down in there, and if we see something that has a little external indication on it, we bring it off and cut it to make sure it's okay," says Donnie Harris, who inspects thousands of watermelons each day.

He says, "Early on, we had a lot of quality problems, but they seemed to have straightened them out, and most of the melons now, they're Georgia melons, they're good quality."

If a melon doesn't pass quality inspection, it doesn't pass through the gates, and won't get passed on to you. There are several methods Harris uses to make sure melons are mature.

"If it's a dead flat sound, it's either overripe or it may have some hollow heart or some internal quality problem," says Harris. "If you thump that melon and it's got a metallic ring or vibration to it, it may indicate that that melon is a little immature, a little light pink or something like that." And although he's had more melon than any man may want, Inspector Harris does use the very scientific taste test from time to time.

Donnie Harris says the watermelon crop will still be smaller than normal this year, but there should be enough for the 4th of July holiday.

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