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So what is podcasting?

June 27, 2005
by Charlie Wojciechowski

Podcasting. It’s a word you may have heard, but do you know what it means and how it all works? A recent study found that 22 million Americans own I-Pods or MP3 players, and more than six million have listened to podcasts.

It’s like Tivo for your I-pod, allowing you to record professional content from big companies like NBC and Disney and you can listen to it at any time.

What makes podcasting different is that you subscribe to the shows that you like. Even though it's called podcasting, an I-Pod really isn't necessary, any portable music player that plays back MP3 files should be just fine. That means you can use a PDA or even a cell phone if you have the right headphones.

So what can you listen to? Almost anything. You can start looking for shows you like at , , and www.podcastalley .

The most popular show is a new one called this week in tech. But other podcasts run the gamut from church shows to bodybuilding.

And it doesn't take much to start doing your own podcasts. Companies are springing up to help novices and businesses that don't want to do it themselves.


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