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Red Cross looking for type O donors

June 25, 2005

Albany-- Blood donations in the United States went up significantly after the 9/11 attacks. The demand for blood is still high especially during the summer, one type of blood in particular.

This is Michael Chambers' fourth time sacrificing his own for the benefit of others. "Sometimes I feel kind of queasy in the stomach and then it goes away after maybe an hour. Not really that bad," says Chambers.

It's not too bad of a feeling when he thinks about the reward. "To give blood and help somebody else," says Chambers. And his blood type,"O positive," says Chambers, is high on the list for needed donors throughout the nation.

"There's a lot more demand for my blood than any other blood," says Chambers. Type O blood is the most common blood type and it's needed on a daily basis. "Sometimes selective surgeries have to be put on hold because O's are always used the most," says Red Cross phlebotomist Amanda Hall. So the Red Cross is trying to get those O's in at a special blood drive.

"We're on a mission to save lives," says Hall.

About 86 percent of the population can receive O positive blood while anybody can receive O negative, which is why it's important for people to give. "You never know when you may need blood or someone in your family may need blood," says Hall. For that reason, some are giving every chance they can.

"It has a good feeling when you give somebody blood and you might be helping somebody else," says Chambers. He's looking forward to future chances to help. "Probably in about three months. Probably by October," says Chambers. Because just one donor can save a few lives.

The Red Cross added an extra incentive for donors who made it to the Albany Mall to donate, the chance to win $1,500 dollars worth of gas.



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