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Major meth bust in Worth County

June 24, 2005

Worth County-- A huge methamphetamine operation is found in northern Worth County Friday afternoon. A camper and a pickup truck being used as meth labs were found in some woods between Oakfield and Warwick.

The Worth County Sheriff's Department is wrapping up a long day after a big discovery. "I drove back this lane and had a detective with me," says Worth County Sheriff Freddie Tompkins.

After reports of suspicious activity back in the woods off of 300, Sheriff Freddie Tompkins decided to take a trip. "I drove right up to them within twenty feet and they kept right on cooking, didn't pay me no mind," says Tompkins. Three suspects cooking methamphetamine, most of it found on the right side of a camper and inside a Ford F-250 pickup truck.

Over an ounce was found. "They had been cooking on it since about 9:30 or 10 this morning, run several batches of it," says Tompkins. Edwin Drapes, Terry Pate and Tammy Lynn Cherry Stone were arrested.

"Just unusual that you drive up on a group that's cooking and they just keep on cooking while you're there," says Tompkins. They're now charged with the manufacturing of methamphetamine and posession with intent. So now all the suspicious materials and the suspects are in custody.

"Right, Worth County jail," says Tompkins. Investigators will pick up the evidence left behind. The three arrested told investigators that they had permission to be back there. Officials are still investigating the scene.



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