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Body identified as missing man

June 24, 2005

Coffee County- For two days deputies have secured the area around 209 Beasley Lane. The house is in Pridgen, a small community just outside of Broxton.

"Just in case we have to go back in and get something else. If we find out anything new once the autopsy is done, we may have to go back in and see if there is something we missed," says assistant special agent in charge Steven Turner.

Thursday morning deputies and GBI agents found a body inside the house.

"We located the body yesterday on a consent search because there had been a report of a missing person. This is the missing person's residence," says Turner.

That missing person is 32 year old Zaran Watts. Agents have confirmed that it was Watts' body they found during the search.

"He's been out of touch with anyone that would know him for quite some time," Turner says.

In fact, family members filed a missing person's report for Watts two months ago. Sheriff Rob Smith says his deputies had been by the house about three weeks ago looking for any sign of Watts. His doors were locked and they had no reason to believe anything was wrong inside.

"The condition of the house looked like it had been lived in. There didn't look like there was any forced entry or foul play necessarily inside the house, so we really didn't gather anything from inside the house other than the body," says Turner.

There have been rumors that Watts vehicle may have been located outside of the county.

"We don't know about a vehicle for Mr. Watts right now," Turner says.

What agents do know is that Zaran Watts' missing person's case, is now an active homicide investigation.

Agents say they did not recover any weapons in the house. They are hoping to have autopsy results by the middle of next week.


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