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Can this water be THAT good?

June 24, 2005

Wife, mother of three and now entrepreneur, Lila Newman has created "W-2-0" bottled water just for women.

"We try to keep it as healthy as possible,” Newman says. “There's no caffeine and it is low calorie at the same time."

Low calorie is the bonus, but there's 14 vitamins and minerals, vitamin for pre-menstrual syndrome and -- calcium for healthy bones. Vitamin D for healthy bones. Vitamin E for the skin and C for all around health." Not to mention folic acid.

It’s reported to prevent birth defects, but Newman says the water is a supplement for a healthy woman, not meant to replace your vitamins.

W-2-O is uniquely designed water for women, but Newman says your husband; boyfriend or brother should taste the beverage for a welcome change.

For more information you can log on the company's website .


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