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Get a road trip check-up

June 24, 2005

Albany - Before you head out on your summer vacation, make sure your car is as ready as you are for the trip. Auto mechanics suggest getting a "Road Trip Check-Up."

D.J's Two auto mechanic Butch Hegle says inspect your car from the bottom, up. "Visually inspect the tires. Do you have any wires showing, gashes in the tires? Those are the things to be concerned about and have checked," said Hegle.

Check the air pressure of the tires and fill them up if needed. Then, pop the hood and check all the fluids. "First of all, they need to make sure the oil is in good condition. Change it if needed. Transmission fluid is important, make sure the transmission fluid is up to par." And, check out the coolant and brake fluid. "Abnormal use of brake fluid is sometimes a sign you have some kind of brake problem," said Hegle.

Change out old air filters, and don't forget about the windshield wipers. "Make sure your wipers aren't brittle or have any frayed ends on them."

If you start traveling without preparing your car for the trip, you many not get to your destination at all. "You could be along side of the road, and it gets quite expensive to get a wrecker to come pick you up and take you to a service station," said Hegle.

A smooth running car not only keeps you from breaking down, it also helps you get the best gas mileage. With gas at more than $2.00 a gallon, that's reason enough to get a road trip check-up.

Hegle says you can check the fluids and tire pressure yourself. He suggests visiting a mechanic, who's skilled at car repairs, if you're taking a long road trip.

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