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Kids learn important safety techniques

June 23, 2005

Thomasville-- Children in Thomasville are participating in a unique camp designed to teach them a variety of valuable safety techniques.

Indya Gilbert is only seven years old. But she's learning skills at the Safe T'ville camp that for the rest of her life, could save her life. "I'm learning about stranger danger, fires, and how police go out to save people," says Gilbert.

From roadways to the ways of strangers, Thomasville Police Sergeant Rachelle Denmark says police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, the red cross teach kids safety techniques that help avoid all-too-common childhood accidents. "They actually learn how to be safe on the street, how to be safe at home, in the summer, at school," says Denmark.

Sure, the village the camp uses is fake. But the hands-on activity with its roadways and street signs gives the kids the real world experience they need. "If we can teach them at a young age what they should know, then they're less likely to get involved in some sort of accident," says Denmark. But if they, or someone they know, is involved in an accident, the kids are also prepared for what to expect.

That's ways for the kids enjoy a fun summer break that they understand isn't a laughing matter. "If you have danger, it's really important to remember all these things," says Gilbert.

One of the best parts about Safe T'ville is that it's free for all of this year's 120 participants. The TPD has been sponsoring "Safe T'Ville" since 1983. It's tailored to kids ages five to seven.


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