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Garbage rates increase, 2nd manager to be hired

June 23, 2005

Albany-- Albany residents will start paying higher solid waste and sewer fees, which means garbage bills will go up more than $5.00 a month.

Thursday, city commissioners approved a $79 million budget that includes some changes to how public works services are paid for. Now, the city foots the bill for street sweeping, but commissioners voted to pass that cost onto customers.

And, sanitary sewer fees are also going up. So come August, an additional $5.89 will be tacked onto garbage bills. Some of the revenue will also pay for much needed raises for public works employees.

Money to pay more city leaders is also part of the City's budget. City commissioners voted to hire another assistant city manager to aid the city manager.

Kevin Hogencamp was recently hired as assistant city manager and will keep that job. Consultants determined the city needed an additional assistant city manger to help oversee the city's 13 department heads.

"If we fail to plan, then we plan to fail," said Ward II interim Commissioner Dorothy Hubbard. "If we hired Capital Principles to evaluate us, then we need to follow what they recommended. Why would we spend $85,000 if we're not going to follow what they recommended?"

Commissioners plan to interview finalists for the city manager's job July 14th and 15th. The new city manager would be responsible for hiring the second assistant.


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