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Are specially formulated vitamins better?

June 23, 2005

by Dr. Deanna Lites

Boston- From diets to face creams to clothes, it's no secret there's a niche for creating custom products but now there's something that's taking your health, personally.

Gary Sandman founder of Individual Health Solutions believes the key to a healthy and younger looking body is by a specially formulated vitamin plan. "We’re able to program a supplement program based on what your genetics- your biochemistry needs," he says.

"The difference between vitamins on the shelf and a custom blend, the theory is custom one's replenish the exact mineral and nutrient that your are missing," said Sandman. 

And some say preventing symptoms like: depression, sleep disorders, skin problems, allergies, PMS, food cravings, headaches and more. "It’s like feeling good and feeling healthy comes out when you balance out the basic needs of your body," said Sandman.

And creating your signature supplement is done without blood tests and tissue samples. "We did over 20,000 individuals and did extensive blood research. We can predict with 99% surety what your biochemical imbalance is," said Sandman.

Your body's needs are determined from an on-line questionnaire and 48 hours later you get your results.

Dr. Caroline Appovian of Boston Medical Center is skeptical about how they gather your genetic information. "This customized vitamin program doesn't even look at your blood values of anything."

She agrees vitamins are important, but says they don't need to be customized. "I can't really see that you’re not going to get the same benefit from taking a general multi-vitamin."

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