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Store burglaries in Dougherty County and Albany look similar

June 22, 2005

Dougherty County -- Dougherty County and Albany police are investigating a rash of store burglaries in East Albany.

 Since late May, there have been at least a half dozen convenience store burglaries in East Albany and Dougherty County. Investigators think they could be related.

All the stores had their front doors smashed with concrete blocks or heavy objects. Then burglars wearing masks and gloves take money, lottery tickets, cigarettes, and cigars. In some stores they took the entire cash register when they left.

 Now lottery tickets stolen from one store have been cashed at other stores that were also burglarized. Dougherty County Police Investigator Stephen Mitchum said "The lottery tickets taken at the most recent burglary we had out on Liberty Expressway. Those tickets were cashed at both of the stores located on Johnson Road."

Investigators have store surveillance tape that shows three masked men breaking into the Stop and Shop on the Liberty Expressway.

That store has been broken into three times in the last month.


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