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No problems at warehouse 3 weeks after fire

June 21, 2005

Albany -- Flint River Services' owner says his business has recovered after the fire that struck one of their warehouses three weeks ago.

June 2nd a fire broke out in a 15-thousand square foot building at the rear of the giant warehouse complex on West Oakridge. A welder using a grinder to work on a back door sparked a fire in giant rolls of toilet paper material stored by Procter and Gamble.

 A huge excavator tore the metal siding off the building, so that Firefighters could put the huge blaze out. Firefighters kept the fire from spreading to the rest of the warehouse, limiting the damage.

Three weeks later, all the paper debris has been cleaned up, the burned building has been torn down, and Flint River President Lem Griffin says they are back to normal. "Employees were not hindered in anyway as far as their jobs. Everybody is still employed there, and we are up and going."

 Griffin said the fire caused about 750-thousand dollars damage. The welding contractors insurance will pay for most of that.


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