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Manhunt focuses on brutal murderer

June 21, 2005

Cairo-- Right now, authorities in Georgia and Florida are coordinating their efforts to look for the suspect who is known to have family in the Sunshine State.

The U. S. Border Patrol has also been notified, and an alert has been issued to law enforcement personnel nationwide. In the meantime, the state crime lab is analyzing the body.

Investigators' gloves and a sheriff's line mark the scene of a horrific murder in Grady County.

"Severely, brutally murdered, " Grady County Sheriff Harry Young says of the victim.

Young says Ramiro Verez's body was found late last night in his mobile home just outside Cairo. "The subject had been dead for several days. You could tell by the decomposition of the body."

Investigators suspect Verez's roommate, Arnulfo Gomez, in the murder. Sheriff Young says his brother turned him in. Young is asking people to call authorities if they spot him, but not to approach him. "Anyone who does something like this is a very brutal person. And a very dangerous person," said the sheriff.

Deputies say they knew a body was inside the trailer because of the smell when they pulled up. But when they went inside they didn't expect what they found.

Sheriff Young describes the body as the worst he's seen in decades of law enforcement. "He had a fork in his neck, had a knife in the back of his head, still stuck in his neck and head..." 

"Lacerations on his body, fork marks stuck in and out of his body like somebody kept jabbing him with a fork and knife... a cut down his back," said Sheriff Young.

Verez's body was taken to the Grady Sheriff's Department for preliminary processing. It's now at the state crime lab in Moultire. "The GBI is working on it with our investigators," Young said.

Working hard to find Gomez before he has the opportunity to get farther away. "Evidently he doesn't care about human life. Anybody who could mutilate a body like he did."

Investigators fear he may head home to Mexico. Investigators say Gomez is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

If you have any information about this murder, call the Grady Sheriff's Office at 377-5200.


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