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Growing pains in Lee County

June 21, 2005

Lee County - Every year, for the past ten years, at least 300 new homes have been built in Lee County. State Representative Ed Rynders says, "I think the niche that Lee County has created is that of a quality of life."

A quality more people are seeking. The population has increased by 800 people per year for the past decade. It grew by 1500 last year alone. Rep. Rynders says, "The reputation of the Lee County school system is something that people are interested in. They want to be able to learn in a safe, healthy environment, and I think, frankly, that's the number one calling card, is the school system."

But with the population boom, comes a challenge in keeping the citizens safe. County Administrator, Langford Holbrook says, "Do you have enough firemen? Do you have enough paramedics? Are you able to staff your stations and vehicles adequately to save lives? Do you have enough policemen to deal with the number of calls that you have that come from that growth in population?"

And there are other concerns. This county, which was established as an agricultural community, is in desperate need of improving and maintaining infrastructure, but Holbrook says all those needs will be answered. "Lee County is a great place to live and work and it certainly has challenges," he says. "There's something new to do everyday, but I would say it's not frightening at all, it's a very positive experience." An experience for more people everyday.

The budget for Lee County was approved Monday night, which will allow a new fire and EMS station to be built in Northern Lee County, new police cars to be purchased, as well as an expansion in public works and parks and recreation. Those improvements will require the millage rate to increase by about three points, but that won't be set until September.


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