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Camilla liquor voting wraps Tuesday

June 20, 2005

Camilla-- In the City of Camilla, you can order a beer or a glass of wine with dinner, but not a mixed drink. Previous votes on liquor by the drink have failed, and some people are hoping that will soon change.

A special vote will be held Tuesday asking citizens one simple question: Shall the City of Camilla have the authority to issue licenses to sell liquor by the drink?

At Old Mexico Restaurant in Camilla, you can have an ice cold Corona, or a glass of wine with dinner, you can even have a margarita, made with wine instead of tequila, but that could soon change. "We'll just have to see how the voters feel about it tomorrow," said Restaurant Customer Eddie Williamson.

If voters decide to allow liquor by the drink, that's just the beginning. "This is just whether it can or can not be sold, it does not indicate where or who can sell it," said City Manager Mike Scott.

But a draft ordinance suggests liquor only be allowed in restaurants with 60% of sales coming from food and non-alcohol beverages. Eddie Williamson, a frequent patron at Old Mexico, thinks the referendum would be a good thing.

Eddie Williamson says, "I think it would be positive for our community as far as attracting industry, as far as helping the establishments that offer meals."

The vote was requested by his friend, Harris Morgan, who recently completed renovations on McCree Hall, a bed and breakfast and fine dining restaurant. "If it helps his bed and breakfast become successful, it will just be more people coming to our small community."

And may bring more business to Camilla as well. "There could be others, and there may be others looking to locate, that we're not aware of that might want to do the same thing."

This is not the first time Camilla voters have had the option to vote on Liquor by the drink. It's been defeated before, but early voting may change that. Close to 250 people voted last week, that's more than half of all the voters that turned out in 2002.

Polls will be open at City hall and Jester Recreation center from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


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