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There's help for flat feet

June 20, 2005
by Monica Robbins

Undated-- Students and women athletes are up to four times more prone to knee injuries than men. Researchers aren't exactly sure why, but at least one orthopedic surgeon believes flat feet might be a key to knee injuries.

When a foot pronates, the foot collapses, the angle leans in, and when that happens the knee internally rotates. That puts stress on the knee ligaments and adds risk for injury.

And all it takes to tear that is to just, to hyper extend it. It doesn’t take much force at all.

Orthopedic Surgeon Michael Pryce developed a shoe insole aimed at not only giving the foot an arch, but also balancing the body. Instead of sloping the foot, it elevates the first two metatarsals and that's what helps control pronation in the foot.

When a test subject steps on the insole, the knee straightens. "Knowing how this corrects the foot, what it does to realign the anatomy and how it gives the anterior cruciate ligament more degrees of freedom we think that's the answer," said Doctor Pryce.

The insert has a Patent and has been tested on flat-footed Female athletes for eight years, and so far none have had ACL injuries. You can find out more about these insoles at


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