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Lightning can kill

June 20, 2005

Albany-- In conjunction with Lightning Safety Awareness week, Local Homeland Security officials and GEMA are trying to educate the public about staying alive when there's lightning in the area.

Forty-seven people have been killed by lightning in Georgia since 1978, five in the last year.

Officials say that if you are within 10 miles of a thunderstorm, you are vulnerable to a lightning strike. They say that if you see a lightning flash in the sky, and hear thunder less than 30 seconds later, that you are within about six miles of the lightning.

Never be the tallest object when lightning is near, and it's not safe to stand under a tree in an attempt to stay dry. Also, don't hold any metal objects, such as golf clubs, as metal attracts electricity, and is an excellent conductor.

Annually, 67 Americans are killed by lightning every year.


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