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Children honor their fathers

June 19, 2005

Leesburg- In 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June as Father's Day. It's a chance to honor Dads for all they do.

Just like any other day James Paulk and his seven year old son Dalton were out playing ball, but for Father's Day the diamond shined a little brighter.

"It's more special," said Dalton Paulk, "We got to come out here for a long time and got to spend more time with him," said Dalton.

As a father of two, James Paulk hopes the time spent with his children is hitting home.

"Spending time with him, teach him how to do things the right way, not the wrong way, especially with life in general," said Paulk.

That's why he plans activities like baseball that follow his children's interests.

"I come home, I'm tired and he'll meet me at the door and say let's go play baseball," said Paulk.

"I run around the bases, he tries to throw it at the base before I get there," said Dalton.

"I don't care how tired I am, I'll come play baseball, or basketball, or if he wants to go fishing on the weekends, I'll go fishing," said Paulk.

And James believes as a father, it's important to show your kids that you care and love them, no matter what.

"It's probably 98 degrees out here, yeah, were out here a lot for about an hour, hour and a half at a time," said Paulk.

That's why Dalton agrees James is... "A special Dad," said Paulk.

The U.S.Census Bureau estimates there are over 66 million fathers living in the United States, 26 million of those have children under 18.



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