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Soldiers of the cross

June 19, 2005

Albany--  We've all heard of ROTC but what about SOTC? It's a different, special way for young men in the church to worship.

Soldiers of the Cross is a group of about 45 youth. Members of New Birth Fellowship Church wanted something positive for the young men of the church to get into. The group meets once a week to learn how to handle the pressures of school, attend classes on development and perform drills.

Leaders say the program will develop them into mature, responsible men.

"It's a decent program for them because it keeps them off the streets and we have too many young men that are either in jail or doing things they're not supposed to be doing so it's a very good program for them," says Lt. Colonel Cassian Porcha.

So far they've only shown their rifle expertise in the church but hopes to have outside events in the near future. The boys are ages nine and up.



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