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Couple uses train to take vows

June 18, 2005

Crisp County-- Over 200 guests are taking a different type of train ride on the S.A.M Shortline Excursion train. It may even be historic.

"Yes, we're the first one," says Dusty Carnes. They're the first ones to combine a train ride and a lake into something extra special. Dusty Carnes has been a manager of train operations at the Heart of Georgia railroad for 13 years.

"I try to keep the trains scheduled and make sure they do their job safely," says Carnes. But today he's on a special assignment.

"Actually my fiance came up with the idea," says Carnes. "Should run smoothly, we'll see," says Angela Carnes. It's a ride that began a long time ago in Americus. They met in high school.

"Ten years went by before I even saw her again and then I saw her and asked her out," says Dusty. They've been dating ever since. They're now taking their love for each other and trains to the waters of Lake Blackshear.

 "I've waited for this day for a long time," says Angela. She's taking the long walk through three train cars before taking the wedding vows.

"We enjoy doing things different. We don't like the same old same old every day," says Angela. They hope that a different, exciting type of wedding will set the pace for the rest of their lives. "Just a long happy life. I want to grow old with him," says Angela.

"She's strong and she's behind me 100 percent and I'm behind her 100 percent. We'll have a good strong marriage," says Dusty.

They feel that it's a marriage that began on the right track.

The happy couple hopes that their wedding will set the pace for others who want to experience a unique type of wedding on a train. They'll honeymoon in Florida.



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