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Is there a perfect tie for Dad?

June 17, 2005

Albany-- Among the hundreds of them, shoppers are looking for that special one.

"I'm just shopping for a tie for my husband," says shopper Sala Ellington. One little tie can come in thousands of different varieties. "There's just too many ties to choose from. I don't know which one to get," says Ellington.

But no matter the choice, it has to be just right. "He's a great Dad and father," says Ellington. As Father's Day approaches, the hunt continues for that perfect tie. But is there such a thing?

"Oh I hope so", says shopper Roxanne Allen. And many are on a mission to find the perfect tie. It's a big task. "Oh I love to shop for Dad," says Allen.

So does Dad want a colorful one? "Well, just something with a little bit of color," says Ellington. "Bright yellows and blues and reds," says father Steve Morris.

Maybe something different than his usual style? "Last year I was sick on Easter and he went out and bought his own tie with a hawaiian girl on it, several of them," says Ellington. "His work says they can tell when we pick them out and not him," says Allen.

Dads everywhere will be celebrating on this Father's Day. "A lot, I think it's one of the only days the male gets," says Morris.

With the many styles, stripes, dots, solids or even plain ugly. "Oh yeah, I've had some really bad ones before," says Morris.

He'll usually pretend he likes it. "He may! You never know," says Ellington.

It's the thought that counts but a nice tie isn't bad either.



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