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McCormacks look to a future without Bobs

June 17, 2005

Albany-- In less than a month the McCormack family will turn over their family business, Bobs Candies, completely to it's new owners. Their grandfather, Bob McCormack, started Bobs Candies in 1919, and Bobs has made peppermint sticks in Albany ever since.

In April, the McCormack family made the emotional decision to sell Bobs Candies to Farley and Sathers, a Minnesota candy firm.

President Greg McCormack said, "It was certainly not easy. A lot of thought and prayer went into the process."

Vice President Mary Helen Dykes said she grew up in the manufacturing plant. "We'd come in with our aunts and just being down there and playing," she said. "Going back in the warehouse and going back to the cafeteria. So yea, it was always a second home to me. So it was very, very difficult and emotional."

After the business nearly closed in 2002, Bobs Candies fought back to have the company's most profitable years in 2003 and 2004. The family then knew it was time to sell.

Vice President Julie Roth said, "Certainly there are things that I will miss, and people that I will miss. But I still feel very strongly that it was the right decision, and the best decision for all parties."

Taking care of the family lead to the decision to sell. Greg McCormack said, "When you are a family and all your assets are tied up in one business, you look for some dependability year after year."

Since the sale, the McCormack family has continued leading Bobs in the transition. "We are basically, I guess you would call us, part time employees, consultants, and our understanding is we will be on staff until July 8th," said Greg McCormack.

After that, the McCormack family say they have no plans, but hope to stay in Albany. Roth said "I will take the time and find something that's right for me, and start a new career."

"I just think there is a lot going on in Albany, and it would be hard for me to leave it. Even though we sold Bobs, our family is still very involved and entwined in the community, and I feel committed to it still," Dykes said.

All three feel Bobs Candies will continue on in Albany, and are proud of their part in the company's history.

The McCormack family has donated Bobs Candies historical materials, including their grandfather's first delivery truck, to the Thronateeska Museum for exhibition.


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