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Police track string of burglaries

June 17, 2005

Bainbridge-- The burglars are targeting convenience stores in at least five South Georgia counties. They're breaking in the wee hours of the morning by breaking the store's windows.

"They're all wearing these shirts or towels around their heads. They're all wearing gloves, I guess trying not to leave any trace evidence," said Decatur County Sheriff's Investigator Redell Walton. "They've got a technique down. They're in, they're out, they know what they're going to get."

The first clues to what Decatur County Sheriff's investigator Redell Walton describes as the same people committing a rash of convenience store burglaries across our region. "Just about the same thing every time. Guys throwing a block through the window, in and out in just a couple of minutes. Before they went in they're picking out what they're going to hit."

Convenience stores in Decatur, Thomas, Lee and Mitchell counties, as well as Albany and Pelham, all robbed of their lottery tickets, cigarettes, and cash. "Right now we just need some help," said Walton.

The State Lottery Commission helped. It found the connection after Decatur's burglary. "They told us that two of the tickets were cashed at the Flash Foods in Albany. There was a lot of other stuff they could have bothered but they were kind of selective."

Selective in burglarizing closed convenience stores between five and six in the morning, but, "It's not victimless. Not by any means," Walton said.

The windows, the cash registers, and the insurance premiums will all have to come out of the store owners' pocket. In at least one of the burglaries, the men were spotted driving a small, four-door white car with damage on the passenger side.

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