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Power usage on the rise

June 16, 2005

Albany-- Rising temperatures mean a rise in energy consumption, and an increase in your utility bill. With soaring temperatures and heat indicies, you're probably running your air conditioner more.

Power providers want to remind you of some simple things you can do to keep your power bill down this season and still keep cool. "Were asking people to try and use power in off peak hours. What that means is if you have to wash clothes or dry clothes, use your dish washer try to do it before eight in the morning, or after eight in the evening in off peak hours. That keeps the cost to down to our customers," said Lorie Farkas with WG&L.

Running your ceiling fans can also save money on your power bill. They won't lower the temperature in your house, but they help cool you off and make you more comfortable. Remember to change your air conditioner's filter monthly, and you can also contact your utility company to get a free energy inspection and to find more ways to lower your bills.

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