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Fleas have pets hopping

June 16, 2005

Albany-- Mary the greyhound is getting a bath, to get rid of fleas.

Veterinarian Dr. Ira Roth said, "This is truly the flea Garden of Eden time of year. These guys are just coming out of the woodwork."

Vets are seeing dozens of patients everyday like Mary, sick from flea bites. "That's because that dog has just been beating itself to death, and chewing until it's just like you and I get, scratch something until it starts to bleed," Roth said.

Flea bites can be serious, ranging from itching, to allergic reactions and can even lead to death. "We routinely give transfusions to dogs and cats, mostly kittens or puppies, because they can't take the burden of others."

Today's once-a-month medications keep fleas off pets most of the time, but the infestation is so bad now, the medicines may not be enough. Fleas are very hard and expensive to fight.

Dr. Roth said, "Treat the pet obviously, treat the enviornment that the pet lives in, which is usually indoors. You have to also go out in the yard and treat the yard."

If your pet is scratching or biting itself a great deal, you may want to check with your vet.

Mary is one of many South Georgia dogs needing relief from the biting pests, that are especially vicious now. If you have fleas in your home, vacuum your carpets and throw the bag away immediately. Then treat your floors and furniture with a flea killing pesticide.

You will have to repeat the process in two weeks, as more flea eggs hatch.

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