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Corn farmers welcome wet weather

June 16, 2005

Echols County-- All the rain we've seen lately has been bad news for most crops, tobacco, cotton, and peanut farmers are counting their losses and praying for a few days of sunshine.

But the soggy weather is a blessing for South Georgia's corn crop.

Jerry Carter's corn crop is looking sweeter than it has in years. "It's pretty, my corns been really good this year," said Carter.

And he owes it all to Mother Nature. This month's wet weather has been just the right dose of medicine for this corn field. "We've been getting showers of about an inch and a half or two."

Corn is a naturally dry crop, and can handle more water than most any other produce plant. "This year I haven't had to water it but just a little bit," said Carter.

When it's dry outside, farmers have to run irrigation pivots every other day to keep the corn wet enough. But with all the rain we've seen lately, they've saved a lot of money. "Oh yeah, money on fuel, labor, and all of those things," said Carter.

But there is one downfall to all the rain, it brings a little extra work for Carter when it comes to spraying the corn for worms. "You have to spray it every three days and a lot of times this year when I'd spray it and leave the field it would rain and wash it off so I'd have to come right back."

Carter did suffer some losses because of the rain. It drowned many of his pea plants.


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