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Hot training for SWAT team

June 15, 2005

Albany -- The heat a major concern as the Albany-Dougherty Police SWAT team practiced Wednesday morning, but these workouts are necessary to save lives.

 SWAT officers storm a home with gang members inside. The Albany Dougherty Special Response team practices with little of their armor, because of the heat. Major Bill Berry said "Trying to get a little aclimation to this summer heat. And the humidity is just so high now, it's a killer."

Corporal Greg Elder said "These are conditions we will work in one day, and training in them full gear is the only way to learn how you are going to do when it's real."

 After each practice run,they go over what they did right and what they can improve on. Special Response Team member George Camp said "the element of surprise is over once you ram the door. They know you are there. Now it's the element of surprise to get on top of them."

Sgt. Bryan Smith said "When you are given the task of going into somebody's house, you have absolutely no idea what it is you are about to get into. That's why it has to be instinct."

 Major Berry said "trying to get it as close as we can to what could possibly be facing us. So that when we do go, if we make a mistake, lets make it here."

The SWAT team practiced for nearly five hours, because a mistake in real life could cost a life. Elder said "keeps you safe, and make sure you make it home that night."

 Hard practice in sweltering heat, but the SWAT team needs to be perfect when they go to action for real.

The Albany Dougherty SWAT team is made up of members of the Albany and Dougherty County Police, and Sheriff's Office. They hold workout sessions like this twice a month.


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