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NIMS training for first responders

June 14, 2005

Leesburg -- First responders from around South Georgia gathered at the Lee County fire department, preparing to handle disasters.

 42 Fire, E-M-S, Police, Public Health, Emergency Management, and Public Works first responders from five counties are going through National Incident Management training.

That's a national program mandated by the President after 9-11 so that all communities emergency equipment and response training is the same and works together.

Columbus Fire and EMS Trainer Bobby Dutton, leading the session, said "Lee County's is got to match Dougherty County's, and vice versa. So when they respond they are operating more efficiently, and they don't have any problems with miscommunication on how the equipment is going to operate."

NIMS training is sponsored by Homeland Security and is a requirement for all emergency departments before they can receive federal grants.