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Mosquitoes thrive after rainy weeks

June 14, 2005

Albany - South Georgia may see another big wave of mosquitoes because of the recent rain. Standing water allows mosquitoes to breed and thrive. Environmental control experts say in a week or two, mosquitoes may be at their worst.

Dougherty County Environmental Control crews have one goal this week. "Get them before they hatch out," said Environmental Control Manager Donell Mathis. Crews are treating pools of standing water with larvacide to kill larva before they hatch into pesky mosquitoes.

"With the amount of rain we've got, there's a possibility that we can have another outbreak of mosquitoes," said Mathis. "We're out looking for larvea to see if there is any potential or sign that we have larvea that we need to treat and prevent any mosquitoes from breeding out."

The daily rain also prevents crews from spraying pesticides that kill adult mosquitoes. "Night's that it does rain, we aren't spraying. The rain has a lot to do with whether we spray or not," said Mathis.

Tuesday, crews luckily didn't find many mosquito larvea near the Flint River Municipal Golf Course, but the water was treated anyway to make sure any soon-to-be blood suckers don't make it out alive.

Environmental Control can only treat standing water on public property. Homeowners should remove any standing water around your homes. Most home-improvement stores sell larvacide briskets you can toss into pools of water or ponds to control mosquitoes. If you're having a major mosquito problem near your home, you can call Dougherty County Environmental Control. They'll come out and spray your neighborhood and help you treat standing water with larvacide.

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