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Search for school police chief begins

June 13, 2005 Albany- The Dougherty County School Board is now officially looking for a police chief, but they haven't come up with a final plan for beefing up security.

Monday night, the board agreed to start looking for a chief to head up an expanded security department as they replace school resource officers pulled by the Albany Police Department.

They're still working on details of how the department will be organized, how many officers they'll hire and how much they'll be paid. The system expects to spend about $1 million running the department.

The board also approved its $112 million annual budget without raising taxes for property owners in Dougherty County.

But parents who live outside Dougherty County will soon pay more to send their children to school inside the county. The school board voted to raise out-of-county tuition to $1,500 a year from $1,100 a year. The superintendent says the $400 increase is needed to cover the rising costs of educating those children.

If you work for the school system and live outside the county, your children can attend Dougherty County schools for free.

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