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Be careful with pool chemicals!

June 13, 2005

Albany-- It's the time of year when everyone who has a pool has plenty of pool chemicals around the house, and though the chemicals are made to be mixed with water, just HOW that mixture happens is very important.

When you combine pool chemicals and water according to manufacturer's instructions, they are very safe. But as proved by the Conyers Bio-Labs fire last year, and the enormous Lowe's fire several years ago in Albany, pool cleaners are not to be taken lightly.

The Albany Fire Department put on a demonstration Monday morning to illustrate just how flammable pool chemicals like calcium-hypochlorite are when they come into contact with water, or any other hydro-carbon.

AFD reminds everyone who owns a pool, or who performs maintenance on one, to be very cautious about how the chemicals are stored. They should never be left open, or stored in such a way that they could be contaminated with any other substance that is not designed to be mixed with the chemicals.