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Is your home protected from flooding?

June 12, 2005

Albany-- The previous floods here in Albany caused extensive damage. Just an inch of water can be detrimental. A flood insurance plan may be the best way to ease some of the fears of floods, especially with the hurricane season upon us.

Art Clark has been living in his home for over thirty years. "I've been in this house since about 1970," says Clark. He enjoys fishing under the sun. He says nothing beats living right between the Muckalee and the Kinchafoonee.

"Beautiful, beautiful. We love the water out here," says Clark. But the beautiful water sometimes creeps a little bit too close. "94, it went to the ease of the house and it stayed on that about ten days," says Clark. That cauused about $100,000 in damage. "It is, it is. It's a lot of damage," says Clark.

He lost everything but the clothes on his back. But after that, he learned a valuable lesson. "Well on the first one, we knew it wouldn't flood out here so we had no flood insurance," says Clark. Flood insurance is something State Farm Insurance agent Ellen Bryant suggests everyone have. "Absolutely. I think the saddest thing is when people call you on the day that a storm is heading this way and there's absolutely nothing you can do for them," says Bryant.

What people can do is make sure they have a flood insurance policy in place before the bad weather starts. Although homeowners insurance covers catastrophic things like hurricanes and tornadoes, it doesn't typically cover flood damage. That's a misunderstanding for many residents.

"Flood insurance is a different ballgame. Flood insurance has to be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program," says Bryant. It can be as low as $400.00 a year depending on the policy, a small amount to pay for added comfort.

"Unless you're independently wealthy, which unfortunately many of us aren't, you need something to protect you from the unknown," says Bryant. Clark says it took the unknown for him to gain knowledge. "We've been educated," says Clark. He has a flood insurance policy which he proudly pays.

"I think it's wonderful. If we didn't have that, we'd have to move out of here," says Clark. That's something he doesn't want to do. He says his policy is worth it, for the water.

Flooding causes more than 2 billion dollars in property damage each year in the United States. Your car is something else that needs to be covered for flooding. Agents say a comprehensive policy should protect you.



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