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Lee County family still homeless after March floods

June 12, 2005

Lee County- March 29th one Lee County family made a quick decision to move most of their furniture to higher ground as floodwaters closed in. Two months later, the Beaver family is still homeless and with recent rain showers they're worried about the work they've already done.

It's been two months since the Beaver's home and pool were flooded by the Kinchafoonee Creek. The before pictures look just slightly different from what's going on inside the house just two months later.

"We've had some problems with some of the workers on the inside," said Teresa Beaver, homeowner.

It's been a tough struggle to put their home back together.

"You look inside and you have walls now and it's like, God, we're so close, but we're not there yet," said Beaver.

There's still a lot to be done. "All the toilets, cabinets, tile, carpet, paint, there's a lot to do," sighed Beaver.

The Beavers are staying with their daughter, but are anxious to move back home.

"My husband says he's in there Friday. It's not happening, but, he's in there Friday," laughed Beaver.

It's been an expensive endeavor, with little help from their flood insurance.

"A sheet of sheet rock is $11.25 and all they cover is a dollar, $1.25. Then they pay you $1.15 to finish it, which is to have somebody hang it, the paint, all that," said Beaver.

Making it just too hard to total up all the damages. "I have every receipt to this house in my purse and I have not totaled it up because I'm just....scared to," said Beaver.

With some grateful help from their friends, they're getting by. "We did well because my brother did all of the changing framing wise, any framing we did. My husband has a good friend that has helped tremendously, with plumbing, electrical stuff," said Beaver.

The pool and yard are finally finished. The brown muddy water and ripped liner, replaced with fresh water and a new liner. The cost, ten thousand dollars, not covered under their flood insurance, but priceless.

"They say I have my priorities wrong I have the pool, but not the house yet," said Beaver.

With this weeks rains, the family is keeping a watchful eye on the creek and hoping for the best.

"I hope it doesn't do it again. I hope it doesn't, but I guess as my husband says, if it's going to do it, he wished it would do it now before we get any further," said Beaver.

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