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Flooding fix will be costly for Leesburg

June 11, 2005

Leesburg- Too much water and no where for it to go creates a problem in Leesburg. Water started bubbling up from the drainage pipes near Stonegate Manor Apartments.

A piece of plywood became lodged near one of the main runoff drains causing water to backup and flood the drainage ditches, baseball field, and part of the parking lot. A councilman says this is a continuing problem that could cost more than $300,000 to repair.

"We're trying to put in a bigger pipe and make sure that it drains properly. We're taking three quarters of the city's water into this one area. As Leesburg grows, more buildings and asphalt and everything that goes down, the more water you're going to have," said Leesburg Councilman, Sidney Johnson.

The city council will continue to monitor the situation and hopes somehow they can come up with the money to create a permanent solution.

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