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Soldiers and families stay in touch

June 11, 2005

Tifton- It will be a month next week, that Georgia soldiers with the 48-th Brigade said good bye to their families. Though they are half a world away, those families are keeping in touch.

"He actually called in today, just to let me know he's safe, it just makes us feel better," said Jennifer Rainwater.

Rainwater says, it's the phone calls and e-mails that keep her strong and reassured that her husband Sergeant Scott Rainwater is safe in Iraq.

"Even if it's just one minute, hey I'm okay. That makes me feel more at ease," said Rainwater.

The phone calls are also making it easier for their six year old daughter Hannah and 17 month old Miranda who are missing their father.

"She wrote in her journal, the last day he got to talk to her was, I had a great day today Dad, I got to talk to you," said Rainwater.

There's also the e-mails.

"I'm going to try and call you tonight if I get a chance. I'm doing just fine here, so don't worry about me and keep your mamma straight. I love you Daddy," read Rainwater from an e-mail her husband sent to their daughter Hannah.

They may actually get a chance to see each other after web cams and more computers arrived in Iraq. But, there are still many tense moments for the family.

"He just says, there have been a few scary moments but I think they did so well in their training in California that they know they're there to do their job," said Rainwater.

The hardest part is missing one of the few phone calls that can come at any hour of the day, on any given day, a when soldier can find a phone card to call home.

"I physically felt ill, my heart was racing, you know because that's all I basically look forward to is hearing that phone call and knowing that he's safe," said Rainwater after missing a call.

A yellow ribbon hangs on a tree in the family's front yard waiting for the year to be up and for Sergeant Rainwater to come home to his family.

Jennifer Rainwater has also started a yellow ribbon campaign. Through donations she's been able to buy enough ribbon to make 800 bows for area businesses. Those ribbons will be going up around the Fourth of July.

To donate or purchase a yellow ribbon you can contact Jennifer Rainwater via e-mail or by phone at or at (229)382-2593.



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