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Georgians asked to live healthier

June 10, 2005

Albany- More than half the Georgians who died in 2003 died from obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or diabetes. Those statistics have Governor Sonny Perdue leading the charge for a healthier Georgia.

The "Live Healthy Georgia" campaign promotes healthy eating, physical activity, health screenings, mental wellness, and getting more people to stop smoking.

Living healthy is no easy task. It takes work, dedication, and personal responsibility.

"I'm trying to be more healthy. I try to eat right, so it's part of a whole balanced, I guess diet, balanced lifestyle so to speak," said Alex White of Albany.

"I'm trying to loose weight. I've lost 76 pounds, since last year so I'm trying to keep doing that be healthier, stronger," said Denise Jones of Albany.

It's something the Governor is focused on and he's calling all of Georgia to shape up.

"Our quality of life is a personal responsibility for all of us. While diseases take its toll many of the choices we make even earlier in life have an impact on the quality of life as we get older," said Gov. Sonny Perdue.

That's why the Governor's "Live Healthy Georgia" campaign focuses on five key messages, be active, get checked, be smoke free, eat healthy, and be positive.

"As I age, things were happening that I wanted to extend the quality of life, exercise and eating right are a huge part of that. If we take those individual responsibilities more seriously we'll have a healthier Georgia," said Perdue.

"In South Georgia we could definitely eat a lot healthier," said Rosemarie Steinsapir, Registered Dietitian, Palmyra Hospital.

Dietitians say, what we eat is a large part of living healthier lives. Whole grains, high fiber, lower fat foods should be in everyone's diet and.

"Smaller portions, smaller portions, and smaller portions," said Steinsapir.

And exercise, even if it is just walking or jogging in your neighborhood.

"Anyway you can increase your activity, burns more calories," said Steinsapir.

The governor hopes that by exercising more and eating less Georgia can become an example for the nation and help people to lead longer, happier lives.

"We understand that exercise and diet and activity enable us to do things longer in a way that keeps us healthy makes us a healthier Georgia," said Perdue.

The governor says, many chronic diseases are preventable. Making healthy lifestyle choices, like getting regular physical activity and eating a nutritious diet can reduce the risk of developing some cancers, diabetes, and heart disease.



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