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Man loses 163 pounds during spiritual fast

June 10, 2005

Albany- Randolph Pate has a special way of remembering the beginning of 2004.

"January 26th, God restored my relationship with Him. January 27th, he restored by relationship with my wife, and it's sweeter today than it's ever been," he says.

Pate says he and his wife, Angela, began to grow apart two years ago. That's when he turned to God for help.

"So on Thanksgiving night he ate his last meal, and he told God he's going to fast for his marriage," Angela says.

And he hasn't eaten anything since. His diet includes only liquids.

In addition to coffee, Pate says he drinks, "milk, diet Splash, Carb Countdown, orange-pineapple-banana juice mix, tomato juice, any type of juices."

The two resolved their problems. They are just a month away from celebrating 22 years of matrimony and a positive side effect to the fast, Pate's huge weigh loss.

"I was a 60 in the waist when I started, and I'm 40 in the waist now," he says. "You never realize you're that big. From the inside looking out. When I look at those 60's now and when I was holding them up, I said my God that was me."

He went from 402 pounds to just 239, and in addition to fasting, he works out to make sure he keeps the weight off.

"I go to Cores; it's a fitness center for men. I go twice a day, four or five times a week," says Pate.

Pate says he's continued his fast to reach his target weight of 225 pounds, but says he will eat whenever God releases him from his fast even if its before he reaches his goal.

"When God releases him, he'll know it, and I know he's in the hands of God. That part doesn't bother me," says Angela.

"Someone asked me does it bother you to eat in front of him. I said uh-um, God didn't tell me to fast," she laughs.

But Angela says God did tell her to love and support her husband, and that's what the couple says they will do as long as they both as they shall live.

Pate admits his doctor was not receptive to his fast in the beginning but has told him to get 400 calories a day and to take multi-vitamins.


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