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Investigator outlines teacher sex charges

June 10, 2005

Sylvester- Twenty-four-year-old Georgianne Harrell stepped out of the Worth County jail for the first time since she turned herself in May 17.

Investigators say the former Holley Elementary School teacher had a sexual relationship with a nine-year-old boy in her class. The testimony was given during Harrell's committal hearing Friday.

Instead of having a bond hearing, her attorney asked for committal hearing so the state would have to show probable cause to take the case to the grand jury.

The GBI agent testified about two incidents in which Harrell is accused of performing oral sex on the boy inside her classroom after school.

The agent also read several notes sent between Harrell and the student that included sentences like: "I love you more... It doesn't bother you that I was with a friend... It does bother me. Talk to me baby."

Howard Stiller is Harrell's attorney.

"I can't comment on it at this time other than obviously the allegations are very serious," Stiller said outside the Worth County courthouse after the hearing.

The investigation began after Harrell cut herself with a piece of glass in front of her third grade class. Georgianne Harrell resigned from her job with the Worth County School System in May. She's charged with two counts of aggravated child molestation.

The GBI interviewed most of Harrell's students. Some of them say they saw the nine-year-old straddling Harrell in her chair and saw her kissing him on the stomach and mouth. Investigators say there was "rubbing of the private parts" between the victim and teacher behind her desk while other students were in the classroom.

The GBI agent also testified that there may be more victims.

"There's talk that there's other victims involved as the GBI agent said. They're still interviewing witnesses," Stiller said.

"There's still some people that we need to interview and parents that we need to contact," said Agent Mike Lewis. "We hope to have this completed and ready for a July grand jury."

Harrell will stay in jail until July 6th when there will be a bond hearing.

"If bond is granted, electronic monitoring will be required," Stiller said.

Then Harrell will wait to see if a grand jury indicts her for the charges.

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