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TPD upgrades to new sidearms

Posted June 10, 2005

Thomasville- Police officers need the best equipment possible in case they have to defend themselves or others. That's the thinking behind the Thomasville Police Department's upgrade to new sidearms.

     Training on even basic paper targets readies officers for that moment they all hope never comes; having to use deadly force. "We try to be prepared to protect our lives or someone else's from serious bodily harm, or death themselves," says TPD Chief, David Huckstep.

     Huckstep is just one of the TPD officers who's training with a new sidearm this week. "Every so often you have to reevaluate your weaponry system," he says. The department is transitioning to Glock 40 calibers, an upgrade from its old Smith and Wesson handguns. "They're more ergonomic, they feel better, they hold better, they're lighter, they're much lighter, and they're a lot more indestructible," says Huckstep.

     Essentially, the Glock makes for better equipment that could better help officers help you. But the hard part is getting to know it. "It starts in the classroom and then out on the field with some drills to get familiar with the weapon and then some qualification before you go home at the end of the day," says Huckstep.

     Hours of rigorous training prepares officers physically and mentally to use the last piece of equipment that they ever hope to rely on. "We hope that we never have to do it. But unfortunately in the world we live in, that's not the case anymore," says Huckstep. That's a world in which every one of Thomasville's 60 officers are having to adapt to.

     The TPD worked out a deal with Glock to trade in old handguns in return for the new ones at half price. The Thomasville City Council approved the purchase, which worked out to about $350.00 per gun.


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