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Another dog to be euthanized after attack

June 9, 2005

Tift County- With severe injuries to his arms legs and head, 7-year-old Ramiro Valdez amazingly survived a brutal dog attack May 6.

"He's like mom I'm okay," said his mother Anna Valdez. "And very calm. He didn't pass out at any time. He's very calm."

Three of those dogs were euthanized within days. The owner, Rico Tovar of Tifton, is awaiting a criminal trial. The fate of his last dog, a Doberman pincher, was decided Thursday night by the board for Tift County/Tifton Animal Control.

Anna Valdez sat without Ramiro at the hearing. He stayed at home because a recent surgery may have resulted in an infection.

"They believe with physical therapy, eventually he's going to recover," she said.

Tovar's attorney, Joe Kunes, filled the small hearing room with witness after witness to testify the dog was not aggressive and was in the pen that day. After three hours of testimony, the board met behind closed doors.

Anna Valdez was emotional waiting on their decision. But the three member group decided it wasn't worth the risk to return the Doberman to Tovar.

"We could not live with ourselves if this dog got out and injured somebody else's child," said board member Jimmy Tovar.

The Doberman Pincher will not be euthanized immediately. He will be used as evidence in Tovar's criminal trial. He and his mother, Maria, are charged with reckless conduct.

"Thank God, maybe my son was the one (this was) meant to happen to because he knew that he was going to be able to handle it," Valdez said.

Now she and her son don't have to worry about another child being attacked by the same dogs.

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