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Teachers get lesson in healthcare

June 8, 2005

Albany- Lab specialists at Palmyra Medical Center gave a group of teachers an up close look at bacteria growing in a petri dish. The department is just one stop more than two dozen educators made during a trip to the hospital.

"Everybody knows about doctors. Everybody knows about RN's, but there is a whole host of other careers available in healthcare," says Palmyra education secretary Dana Snow.

Careers that these teachers will be able to go back and tell their students about, especially those who have an interest in math and science.

"Any students that are excelling in these areas they can give them another option. Hey, have you thought about being a pharmacist? Have you thought about being a bio-med tech," says Snow.

The tour is part of the Teach Academy. It's aimed at giving middle and high school educators and guidance counselors an inside look at healthcare and what it takes to excel in that career field.

"One thing that I've heard is multi-tasking this is a job, a career that you will not just do one thing. you have to learn to do many things, and we've heard work ethics," says Lavonda Lakes of Dougherty High School.

"Whatever their passion is there's a spot for them, and that helps us realize this is something that they can do and we can help them understand the path to get there," adds Vickie Lewis of Monroe High School.

The teachers say the academy is not only a great opportunity, but it's almost necessary to providing students with the best possible education.

"We're working with the future and if you stay in your classroom day in and day out what do you have to offer. Let's go find out how it applied and make it applicable to these kids and say this is why you need to do this," says Rodney Conine of Mitchell-Baker High School.

Educators say the program will also help them inform students about the wide variety of jobs in the area and hopefully convince them to stay in South Georgia and pursue their careers.

Teachers from five counties participated in the program. They also toured Miller Brewing Company, Proctor and Gamble and Cello-Foil Products Incorporated.

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